Saturday, April 11, 2015

Credit Card Processing, Recurring Billing, and Card Not Present

I sometimes think that the deck is stacked against me.  I am an online educational subscription service.

In other words, I'm a vendor of an intangible good sold with the card not present on a recurring billing basis.  The fact is that in a customer dispute or chargeback situation, the desk is stacked against me.

Nevertheless, we have a great business model. As long as our customers love our service, they let us bill them every month.   Granted, it's not as good as a gym who bills people monthly so that they can feel guilty about not going which keeps them from cancelling. That is an amazing business dynamic.

In our world, the partnership from the credit card processor is all important which is why I follow a blog called which has just started a series of articles about  recurring billing with card not present.

Click for a  Analysis of BusinessSubscription Recurring  Model Metrics

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