Friday, April 10, 2015

Scanning with my phone. Tax time!

AT tax time, there's paperwork and signatures going around among the family and to and from the accountant. For years, this involved endless technical hassles trying to get the combined printers-scanners to scan. Generally, the drivers or connections or something isn't working and it's a hassle.

Starting about a year ago, I just print, sign, and photograph all docs with my cell phone.

No more scanning!
Now it's taken me awhile to get the lighting right so there's no shadow on it. It's best before the sun comes up when I use one light in my office which is across the room. This way, when I lean over to take a picture, there's no shadow.


Unknown said...

Have you tried some of the phone scanning apps? they may prove better than just taking a picture. Other options include an eFax number which will automatically scan the pages and convert them to a pdf right into your inbox.

Johne said...

Ilan, thanks. I didn't know anything about phone scanning apps. Just googled and read about Camscanner and found an article with a review of top scanning apps.