Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Twitter says: 70% of your readers amplify your content...huh?

I received an email from Twitter (the company) today that said:

Research shows that your Twitter followers are a valuable and engaged audience. 70% of them amplify your content for free by Retweeting it, and 43% plan to make multiple purchases from the small and medium sized-businesses they follow.*

Twitter was trying to see me ads to increase my Twitter following.  But, do I believe Twitter?
Twitter says 70% of Twitter audience amplify your content for free by retweeting it.

Not my followers. If I got a 1% retweet rate, I'd be over the moon with happiness.  Over a month, if 5% of my followers RT'd me, I'd be thrilled.

I wonder where the 70% number came from. I think it's a fantasy. What's your experience?


BBat50 said...

I have a 1K followers and most of my tweets (I tweet 1-3x daily) seem to get ignored. A big tweet for me would be one with 5 interactions such as a favorite, RT, or click thru.

I have no idea where the 70% number that Twitter cites comes from. I'd agree that it's fantastic and by fantastic, I mean a total fantasy.

Johne said...

Here's a new megatrend that I'd lilke to understand: deep linking within apps.