Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Blogger: What should I do?

I have a number of blogs, such as this one and Amused by Jokers, and a Black Belt at 50, that I have maintained for years using the simplest quickest way to get started which was Google's Blogger.

I've noticed that they have been kept up technically and am wondering what the smart people think I should do.

I am not technical and do not have much interest in switching but I think I have to make a decision soon. Here's my choices that I see and I'd love some feedback on them.

1. Switch to Wordpress. How and when? Host at Wordpress.com? That means moving domain DNS's around. Uhg!
2. Upgrade my Blogger theme and all the plug-ins. How would I know what to switch to? What's current?
3. Make no changes and hope that everything keeps working

Blogger: What Should I do?

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