Monday, July 03, 2006

Google Adwords - One million

I'm a huge fan of Google adwords. Reasons.

1. Last holiday season, they sent me a gift package that included a nifty usb memory key, a tiny google mouse (i gave to my daughter), a usb hub (ilan berkner quickly found a use for it), a USB light (really cool but not sure what to do with it), and a leather carrying case for it all.

2. This past week, I received a certificate suitable for framing (see attached) and....drum roll please.... a small refrigerator (I'll take a picture of it soon) suitable for a small office, bedroom, or cube.

3. I built my little business with adwords. BTW - I will admit that while I built my business with adwords and use adwords for alot of interesting research, I've never actually profitted from it. The problem is that I can't seem to get the cost per customer acquisition down below the value of the customer. So I built a nice small business from adwords but have been forced to look elsewhere to build profitable business.

Now I do maintain a flow of adwords-based traffic which I use to analyse different landing pages and key phrases and seasonality. Since google's adwords have a built in analysis tool and I've alot of history on the value of their traffic (apparently over one million leads), I have a good database to compare and analyse by results against. Let me think, at a dollar / click, I have now paid google one million dollars. OK. I admit. I don't pay $1 / click very often. There are only a few terms out there that I pay that much for. What are they? ooooooo, thats a big secret.

I also pruned and optimized my little adwords campaign to a size where it is profitable. But small. In any case, thanks google. I have just built a link to an authority site which much give credibility to this blog.

Trivia question. According to alexa, what are the number one and two sites by visitor time?
- yahoo
- google

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