Friday, July 07, 2006

Which blog & tools are best for SEO purposes?

I've started to wonder whats the best blog software or setup to use if the goal is seo. I thought about this when I read Adam's (who makes to-do lists) colum this morning:

Start a blog and sign up for Feedburner.Put up a blog at It doesn't matter if you use WordPress, Blogger, or whatever blog platform you prefer, just make sure you host it on your site. Make a few posts about your site, what people can expect when it launches, and why your site will be unique. After your first post, sign up for a Feedburner account. Under 'Publicize' in your account make sure to sign up for 'Ping Shot'. This will notify blogging directories of your posts which hopefully will result in a few links to your site.
  • Is it the blog software that matters such as blogger, wordpress, iblogs etc?
  • Is it better or worse to host it on your own domain for SEO purposes?
  • How good is the built-in ping from the software?
  • Does manually using pingomatic help?
  • Are blog communities a help or hindrance? (such as
  • What is this feedburner?

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