Sunday, July 09, 2006

Intermediate SEO blogging

I corresponded with Adam (who makes to-do lists) . Here's his answers (in italics) to my questions on blog software.

Here are some blog and non-blog related articles that I find very valuable
The Blogger's Primer. Key new points for me in Aaron Brazell's article: use of trackbacks (which I still don't really get), the focus on readers & audience (which frankly is not the intent of all blogs. Mine seem to have no readers but they still attract search engine attention and create links of value), and how points of blog netiquette. - Good article, not focused on blogs. Did have an item that caught my eye: the "No follow" link - SEOmoz - Another good starter overview, non-blog oriented

I also mentioned Feedburner in one article recently. Feedburner can help promote your blog and it takes about five minutes to set up– my advice would be to spend a few minutes and give it a shot, it’s one of those things that’s easier to make sense of why you need it after you’ve tried it.
- This is now done although I got stymmied in the set-up when feedburner said:

Advanced Publicity: Modifying your "Autodiscovery" settings
If you want to make your FeedBurner feed easier still for site visitors to subscribe to, you should modify the "autodiscovery" HTML tags in your Blogger site template...our Support Forums (
link) explains how to modify the autodiscovery tags in Blogger.

And I quote the Feedback forum/blog link...."

Tip #1: Offer a single feed If a visitor comes to your site and sees a number of different chicklets ...."

woops. lost me right there. Whats a chicklet? and then when I got to Tip2, I understood less with its code for the chicklet rather than the burned feed....huh?

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