Sunday, October 08, 2006

Doubling my link count?

My approach to building links is to use lots of elbow grease. No tricks. Just work.

I have no automated systems for exchanging links and mostly I ignore the automated reciprocal link requests. I mostly just email and fill in forms for directories, invite my members to link to us from their sites, write articles and offer them for publication, and pay for advertising. I also have created a few of my own sites: Lavalle's Karate site, homeschooling online, gifted students, California home school, Florida home school, and homeschool curriculum review.

Its safe (nothing tricky or black-hatty) and very time-consuming. I think I'll have someone else to do it for awhile.

How is my link-count doing? I only wish I had better tools and was more organized. I don't really have a consistent measure of my link count or positon over time except for the few terms that I count (ie homeschool curriculum)

The neato tool - - today gives me a total count of 764 links. Notes indicate that they gave me only 309 on 12/27/2005. My goals: 1k on halloween of this year. 2K by Christmas. BTW - i wonder what the neato tool counts?

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