Friday, October 27, 2006

Link Power - New terms & measures needed

We spend so much time on SEO and trying to build our position, I think we need a better vocabulary for the essense of what we are building and transmitting.

Page rank is a weak term. Are there better terms? Has anyone yet come up with an industry standard for measuring it?

I saw a post where the question was about whether 301 redirects transmit their "SEO Juice". Its better than page rank but not catchy enough.

What about?

- SEO Force
- Page Rank Power
- SEO PowerUps
- SEO Kharma (does have the idea of passing on....)
- Its a type of link energy - a food
- Link calories.
- Link Power.

We could have a way of measuring a page's Link Power (say, put up a standard test page about on a website with a single link from a page. That page's link power could be defined as the inverse of your rank on google for the test page after 45 days)

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