Tuesday, October 24, 2006

SEO Progress - Homes School Keyphrases

Hot news.
Time4Learning is 4th for homeschool online with google, 8th for homeschool curriculum on google. And, we are 18th for homeschool on google.

There is about 5 times more traffic on homeschool curriculum than homeschool online.
And perhaps 5 times more on homeschool than homeschool curriculum. Per the overture search phrase tool

I only wish I know how many people were clicking thru to me from google having searched on homeschool curriculum. I guess its time for some real analytics.

Plan :
- pick a seo package that can track my progress on the search engines for 100s of terms, track my traffic in by those same terms, and track customer conversions by those same terms and their path. Does such a tool exist? Would google analytics do it?

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