Saturday, March 15, 2008 & Warriors Collide

Why not get an A on every spelling test?
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This is more than spelling help, it makes the weekly spelling test too easy.

And while I'm busy promoting my sites, I'd like to mention an article that I just wrote about Warriors Collide, Ft Lauderdale. This is a little bit like news. Last time I blogged about news (the little Margo Foster article), I moved from dozens to about a hundred visitors a day for a week or so. Maybe this weeks Warriors Collide fight night in Ft Lauderdale will do the same.

A third topic, related in the sense that I'm doing tests to see what makes sites and blogs do well in the search engines, is my collection of resources on Vocabulary Learning Fun.

Vocabulary Resources :
Ultimate Vocabulary - A software package designed to vocabulary
Expand Vocabulary - This will teach you how to expand your vocab.
GRE Vocabulary - This will teach you how to expand your vocab.
Improve Vocabulary - A series of cheesy educationally-invalid ways
Increase Vocabulary - How does your vocabulary tell everyone about your personality problems?
Power Words - For people with little minds. Use big words to compensate and highlight your lack of brainpower.
Vocabulary Builder - This approach is interesting: it focuses on word roots et al.
Vocabulary Software - To feed the hungry machine, we need to keep pushing software.
Ultimate Vocabulary Review - This stuff is great. Very popular
Word Smart Review - A review of Word Smart.

Lastly, the most popular article and post that I've written in awhile:
Why do I blog?


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