Thursday, March 20, 2008

V7N SEO suggestion comment

John Scott of V7N hosting has a great post on his own forum about SEO. At one point he says:

Ask your customers, politely, for a link. It doesn’t have to be web related, either. Even if you sell lumber, you can ask your contractor/customers to link back to your website from theirs.

I've had great success with a modified version. I do it slightly differently. I send some of my vendors a great comment about themselves and suggest that they put it up on their site as a web testimonial.

As part of that, I suggest it would be more effective for them if they included a link back to me to make it look more credible. I also say that I would appreciate it since I like the recognition. Sometimes, I have to answer emails from people who want the details of my experiences with a vendor. But it's worked well and been worth it for my site about homeschooling curriculum.


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