Saturday, March 01, 2008

A Writing course on blogging

I just took a course on writing blogs. Unlike most of the literature on the web, this did not focus on how to make money. The course taught how to define your persona, find your voice, write an interesting blog,get it up on the web, and to begin to attract and interact with an audience. it also covered other beginner topics like netiquette and safety.

The feedback from the people in the course was "it was awesome". As one woman (it was seven women and me in the course) said: "Thanks for course about the blog. I was definitely a reluctant "blogger" from the get-go, but the class has got me plum excited about the whole idea. ".

The class was entirely online. It's not expensive ($99). I made a set of friends (virtual friends). I got personalized feedback from the teacher and lots of feedback from classmates. And it's probably the best course that I've ever taken as an adult. Logistically, there were online class meetings once-a-week which I missed a lot of but really would have liked to attend. The assignments and feedback was all online. Technically, not difficult. The woman who taught was great and was fun to deal with.

I'm recommending the class. Try it: Best Blog Writing Class.

I'm also signing my Mom (age 75) up for the class since I think she'll like it and it makes a great present.

I think it's amazing how many really great blogs emerged from the class. Here they are:
Family in Shape
Everyday BBW
The Daily Grind -
The Renovators
Black Belt at 50


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