Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Blog Writing Class

I think there are a great number of people ready and interested in blogging as a new hobby, a way to make friends, and a way to explore their interests and skills. To unleash this potential, I have created a blog writing course for beginners. I think it would make a great gift for your mother or father. I'm signing my mom up for it. Also, for people trying to make a little "shoe money" or even work towards a new online career, this provides a great foundation of how to construct a popular blog. Here's some more info that I borrowed from a blog on learning fun....

While anyone can learn to blog, for many it is a lonely frustratingly-long time before you are writing a quality blog and have an audience. Why not take a short cut and ride along with us?You can, of course, learn about the key skills in blogging by reading articles and through trial and error. Or you can take a fun course.

One, Get Ready to Blog, is a free automated course that anyone can sign up for and take at any time. It's for total beginners, a precourse to get students ready for Blogging 101. In the precourse, you'll start with the very basics about how much it costs to start a blog (nothing) and the different approaches to blogging and setting up your first blog. BlogWritingCourse.com also offers Blogging 101, an 8 week online course with a teacher which you take as part of class. The course teaches you the skills you need by having you practice and get feedback. There are some reading assignments but the heart of the course is learning by doing with guidance and support and feedback.

What many students like best is that by starting their blog as part of a group, they have readers, feedback, and comments from the start. And long after the course has finished, they have their initial classmates who have become their first group of online friends that they can learn from and shares experiences with.

The students are a diverse group. From the recent alumnae, there's Topsy Techie who writes about her Unconventional life of a homeschooling family and is well on her way to becoming a famous bloggger. The students range from the Daily Grind of kooky caffeinated JavaMama, the ultra fit Spin Diva, the aging but still eager BlackBeltat50, the trials of Renovation Girl redoing her house and starting a family and of SheParent wrestling with her 11 year old, the life of one BBW (big beautiful woman), and there's the more senior Grey Haired Geek.Come sign up.

The free automated precourse is a total no brainer for anyone thinking they might like to start a blog and want to get a basic orientation. And Blogging 101 sessions fill up quickly so you should move quick. The Blog Writing Course just announced that the summer session starts July 7th and the fall session starts September 8th. Reserve your place now.

The course is part of the offering by Time4Writing - writing tutors - and Time4Learning - Online Learning, PreSchool, Elementary, & Middle School .



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