Friday, June 06, 2008

Old links vs archived links vs new links

When blog software "archives" old articles, do the links lose some sort of importance for google? If so, this might be the achilles heel of using blogs as a way to create links. Mostly, us SEO types, really like blogs. They seem to build their own incoming links everytime they post. It's something to do with how they "ping" all those directories which index and refer (think links) to them.

But, once archived, do those links become less visible to google? Less important?

Think of it this way, new links are important. If lots of sites link to a site, it's likely that there is something of importance on that site. If those links are still around after a few months, the site is still important but somehow, if there aren't new links, google must also think about the significance of that.

But what if all the links start showing up only in "archives"? What does google think about links from archives? Do they rate them differently than other links that have been in place for a long time?

Any real visionaries got an opinion they'd like to share?

PS - Anybody who is watching me closely might notice that I'm posting this the same day that I'm deep in Yosemite park. It's thru the magic of blogger's new post options which include future dates. Like Hermonie's time trick.


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