Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Multilingual SEO - How does it work?

I have a site that helps people to learn English. It has a variety of English vocabulary word games. The site is well positioned in the search engines. It is number two on google for the word vocabulary and most of it's traffic is from people who have bookmarked the site and keep returning to it.

It recently occurred to me that many of the potential users of the site might not be searching for such a site in English. So I have invested in getting some pages created describing the site in different languages. I've put them up on the site and am now wondering if the different versions of google (spanish, french, turkish etc) will find and rank these pages.

It would help if someone built links to the pages in their native languages but I fear that might be a little beyond me. Here's the pages that are up so far....

Build Vocabulary

Construcción de Vocabulario

İngilizce Kelime Dağarcığını Öğrenin

Изучайте Английские Слова

Вивчайте англійські слова

Научи думички на английски език

Apprendre le vocabulaire Anglais

Naucz się Angielskich Słówek

Lernen SieEnglisch-Vokabular

Impara il lessico inglese

Lær Engelsk ordforråd

And coming soon, the oriental languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese), Hindi and some other languages from the Indian subcontinent, and Russian. Any views on whether these efforts will be cost effective? We're spending about $25 per page to get them translated plus inhouse costs for managing the project and get the pages up.



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