Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Good copywriting is so hard!

I just looked at one of our sites and saw that the copy on the front of the first page breaks a cardinal rule....Start with a positive upbeat statement. Right now it reads:

For many students, learning to write well is difficult.

It's an interesting hook but I don't like it. Too negative. It doesn't feel to me like a phrase that is motivating to parents.

So I tried to write a nice positive statement about how Time4Writing is a positive useful educational experience. Or maybe, say something positive about how students learn from Time4Writing.

Since I'm busy and was stymied and seemed to be blocked, I asked a colleague to generate a few concepts from which we could wordsmith. Here's what I'm staring at. And remember, I'm just worrying right now about copy effectiveness, I haven't even started to think about SEO and what terms I would like this site to do well on....

· With Time4Writing, learning to write doesn’t have to be a chore.
· With Time4Writing, learning to write doesn’t have to be a bore/chore/dull.
· Time4Writing lets students discover an easier way to learn to write effectively.
· Many students discover that, with Time4Writing, learning to write can be exciting( challenging, stimulating, captivating, though-provoking, interesting….)
· With Time4Writing, many students learning to write effectively for school and beyond .

Here are some more concepts.....

Students like learning to write...with Time4Writing (focuses on the student experience)
"I finally understood how to write a paragraph from Time4Writing"
Writing instruction from Time4Writing.... (too passive)


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