Thursday, August 28, 2008

Paypal - How do you have payment categories?

We use paypal as one way that people can pay us. We have several types of revenue coming into paypal. To simplify our accounting, I would like to have a way to track which service the revenue is for. This can't be a problem unique to us but there doesn't seem to be a simple solution.

We could set up separate paypals but then we have a cash management problem. I think the less places that cash is kept, the better.

My current plan is I have different revenue streams being sent to different emails. We have money for Time4Learning coming in to a Time4Leanring email address, ditto for Time4Writing (our kids writing course services), and a third email being used for affiliate type email.

BUT, when you look at the tables and reports in Paypal, there is no indication of which email the money come in to. So our accountant needs to open each and every transaction to see which account to put it in.

Dear Paypal, this is very annoying.


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