Wednesday, August 06, 2008 sent out a newsletter!

This email that I received absolutely cracked me up. Apparently, this was the first update that they had sent out in four years!

Howdy. Long time no talk. I take that back -- criminally long. I think this is the first message we've sent to the announcement mailing list in about four years.

That's older than AJAX! Where to begin?

Since the last newsletter we've added themes, plugins, multiple categories, sub-categories, tags, static pages, WYSIWYG, widgets, update notification, post revisions, and colors other than black and white. ....[ It ended with ]
The kids these days are spending all their time on something called Facebook. Apparently you can "friend" the WordPress group here:
Now get off my lawn!
* Thank You *
Thanks for reading, and for blogging with us. We'll try to do these more often, as we strive to keep you in "the loop" on all things WordPress.
Forever yours,

I feel a lot better about some of my unused mailing lists and domains. Of course, my products and online learning centers are good, but they aren't as fully kickass as Wordpress.


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BBat50 said...

There's a followup to this post. I cited it and emailed it back to the author of the wordpress newsletter.

Apparently, I failed to appreciate how competitive he feels. His answer (as best I remember it):

"Are you f*ing kidding me, sending me to read a post on blogger"