Tuesday, September 23, 2008

High Volume Websites

The high volume sites that I run are:
1. Time4Learning.com - some flash animations & PDF downloads but most of the heavy multimedia work is done by Compass...
2. Building Vocabulary Fun - lots of Flash files and a database but relatively stable volumes and so it's easily managed...
3. SpellingCity.com - a beautiful new high volume site which has more than doubled in usage over the last month and which is architected to consume bandwidth and CPU at a very high rate. It couldn't be a bigger pig if it was designed by the hosting companies themselves.

Early this summer, we put SpellingCity.com on a dedicated server at Layered Tech
(Fast Servers). Earlier this month, we added an extra GB of memory (for $25/month more) and now, we're probably deciding to add a second server (maybe segmenting off the database work from the webserving?). BTW, we're very happy with FastServers and their support and service.

I can see now why nobody tried to do a site like SpellingCity before.

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