Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Making money thru domain parking...sigh

This MTD (and we're in the last weeks), here's my revenues for parking 75 domains:
NameDrive $1.84
TrafficClub (now called domainsponsor.com) $73.49 (95% from one domain)
DoDaddy's Parking service $11.31

This is from ~75 parked domain, some with very worthwhile names such as http://www.gifted-student.com, Credit Cards online, and SKILLSFORTOMORROW.COM.

I'm pretty well done with trying to make money on parking domains and so I'm returning to focus on combinations of content with google ads. My new effort is to explore a topic near and dear to my heart: collecting funds online. The domain name: credit cards online 101.

GoDaddy is now set so that my new domain registrations automatically get parked. With that level of convenience, I'll keep doing it.

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