Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I live and breath bounce rates.

I live and breath bounce rates.

I think that a bounce rate is the single best measure of the effectiveness of a page.

This is because I organize my site as a big sales funnel where each page on the site is like a step in a classic (ie face-to-face) sales call. If you organized your sales process as just one page, it would mean a lot less.

The entry pages are like a salesmen saying, "Hello, would you like to talk a little?"
The next page is like a conversation in which the salesmen and prospect discuss the product. Information is exchanged, trust is built.

The click from this page to get to the service link means that the prospect is intrigued and wants the benefits and features that he's learned about (actually, she....most of my customers are Moms).

And the sign-up page is the page that resolves all the sales inhibitors (ie, do I trust these people? Is the price too high? What if I change my mind?). If I can resolves enough of them, I can get them to enter their credit card and click enter.

Then, the real fun begins.....

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Anonymous said...

Good post! Lately the Bounce Rate is all the rage with Page Rank gradually losing ground and visitor tracking is gaining more attention. I believe the SEO landscape is changing for the better. Bounce rates are better metrics for content quality, rather than the Page Rank.