Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Statistics - Who Cares? You should!

I've been involved in online marketing and learning SEO for five years now as a practicitioner and I've observed a number of constantly repeated mistakes by the industry. Near the top of this list is their total ignorance regarding statistics.

I often look at great analytical methodologies which are impressive in their approach but which never deal with the problem that they often make major strategic decisions without considering whether their sample size validates a decision or not.

I've yet to see an article or discussion on this topic. I've seen people give talks before thousands of other supposedly industry gurus in which they describe methodology in great detail without mentioning sample size and statistics.

At times, I've asked and probed. The industry gurus look at me puzzled and wonder what I'm going on about.

Am I the only one who took statistics courses in college and business school?

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