Sunday, January 25, 2009

Iphone applications for education?

The questions are easy:

- How to price?

- How much does Apple take?

- How does the marketing work? To Apple? To the public?

- What sort of volumes to expect? If I’m successful, if I”m not?

- What’s the competition like?

- Any support from Apple?

I went to my local apple store where they knew little to nothing about development or business model or marketing or volumes. They did tell me how to check out existing applications by going to the itunes store (I suspect everyone else but me knew that. I kept going to the iphone application site).

Note iFlipr Flashcards for $.99, spanish anywhere for $9.99,

I’ll start collecting articles…

MacResearch article on business model. He mentions: Getting real numbers about the iPhone app market is hard, and I am just relying on the few analyses already out there and on the anecdotal evidence I gathered from iPhone developers (posts on the web and private conversations). Hopefully, the developers of Molecules, Mental Case, PCalc, Grafly, OsiriX, Atom in a Box and the many many other science apps will have more insights in the comments…

A good blog seems to be the Iphone App Entrepreneur which sadly seems to have stopped posting as of Oct 2008. Specific articles:

Photoshop pieces to demo your iphone concept.

Snippets of sales data from Eliza Block, developer of the crossword puzzle app 2 Across

Rejection risk by apple

Number crunching posts…

TapTapTap shares his sales data. as well as ten iphone user secrets.

Pinch Media Post from summer 08 polemically discussing the pricing focusing on the pressure to be the cheapest.


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