Friday, October 29, 2010

Private domain registrations hurt email deliverability

I read (on The Institute on Social Internet Policy website) but I'm not sure that I believe that: of the first things many email delivery and anti-spam specialists will do when presented with a “is this spam?” situation, is do a WHOIS lookup on the domain - either the sending domain, or the domain being advertised as a link in the email.

And guess what happens if that WHOIS returns nothing but “this domain is privately registered”, with no way to really determine who is behind the domain - with nobody willing to take responsiblity for the domain - nobody saying “if there is a problem, the buck stops here”?

You look like someone with something to hide.

And if you have something to hide - or even look like you have something to hide - your email isn’t going to get delivered. After all, if you aren’t willing to put your name to your business, then why should you expect an ISP to deliver the email from that business.

They won’t, and you shouldn’t.

Private domain registrations. A bad idea for legitimate email sending businesses.

What do you think?

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BBat50 said...

It just seems to me that if I were trying to figure out if something were SPAM, I would look at the site first.

I'd assume that the algorithms had already checked the domain history and all the other databased info and that if a person actually gets involved, they would eyeball the site first.

Of course, maybe I'm reading the recommendation too literally and they mean that private domain registration is built-into the spam algorithm.