Saturday, October 30, 2010

To like or share, to tweet or to follow?

I've put together a reasonable social media strategy across my range of sites. I'm now interested in optimizing it.

In places where I put up Facebook icons, I've had to decide whether to ask them to:
- like our facebook account
- like our web page
- share it to their Facebook account

On Twitter, I have to choose between an icon that:
- tweets a suggested message
- follows our tweets

Does anyone have any insight or methodology or case studies on how to compare the benefits or optimize at this level?

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BBat50 said...

Whenever I ask this question to the self-proclaimed social media experts, I get an absolute blank stare.

After a while, they work up to: "You need to figure out some way to test it and what your priorities are.

Gee, thanks. But surely somebody else has already worked through this problem a few times and has a few suggested guidelines or a case study to work from.