Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Add this!

When you run a website, there's so much to do.  Actually, if you run a website, you can do as little or as much as you want. Let me tell you about my experience running websites. First of all, I don't run them by myself. We are no up to 30 people working on these sites.

There's also so much to do. Our priorities:
1. Customer service. Answer the phones. Well! And find out what issues our users are having and resolve them.
2.  Build great new content and services.
3.  Maintain our advertising and SEO efforts.
4.  Try to be current with all the cool new stuff like social media, social bookmarking etc etc. You'll notice that this blog still pops up some outdated icons at the bottom of each post (I often delete them). I see a blank form, technorati, delicious.  We finally, on one of our major sites;, put up an on every page on the site. Addthis give some pretty cool stats and should be easy to update in case Twitter and Facebook don't remain the big dogs. Hard to imagine but then, they just arrived in the last three to four years so we'll see.

So pop over to some of our pages on VocabularySpellingCity and share or tweet the pages, would you? thanks.

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