Sunday, April 03, 2011

Facebook like this page, FB like your FB page, Facebook Share

I think I finally understand this. The icons here are from a typical page on the Time4Learning website: .

The F icon there is a "share this page" icon. It will place on the user's Facebook home page some info about this page from our website. Specifically, it'll put up a user comment, the page meta title, the page metadescription, and an image from the page. This is different than the following two cases:

Facebook Like this page. Many websites have FB likes that have the user "liking" that specific page of the website.   If you click on them, you've liked the specific page (or post in this case since we're in a forum).

Facebook Like set up to Like their Facebook Page.  This is how the likes are set up on the home page of the Time4Learning website. A person who likes any of the Facebook Like icons on these page becomes a friend of ours on Facebook. It's very different than liking the page. For instance, they get updates on their Facebook page from our Facebook page.  Visually, I don't think there's a way to know the different between the two.

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