Thursday, December 28, 2006

John Edelson

John Edelson - OK, a little background on who the author is....
John Edelson
John Edelson, circa 2014

John Edelson is the founder and president of Time4Learning. He also provides member support services as well as does the marketing. Often, he cleans the office at the end of the day and helps fix broken web pages. Usually, the broken web pages are due to his "help" with them.

Update August 2015. John is nine years older since this post was originally written.  He now has a Twitter account: @VSpellCityMayor
He's on the Florida Atlantic University School of Education Advisory Board and so on.
Time4Learning now goes PreK to 12th grade (not just to 8th).
John Edelson has also now founded: - K12 writing classes online with teachers for 2nd-12th VocabularySpellingCity. Game-based word study to build literacy. Web or app.

Science4Us. Early Elementary Science Curriculum for NGSS and state standards. Web or app.

Professional Experience
Current - President/Founder, ,

Home Schooling Curriculum, Time4Learning.  VocabularySpellingCity.  Literacy Program  Science4Us.  .Science Program. Various educational and entertainment consulting projects including LearningToday and Vcom3D: (Program with signing avatars). 

ARC International. ARK.L Senior Vice President & Founder. Semiconductor intellectual property. London & Florida. 1998-2002. Created ARC as a spin-out from Argonaut with 10 people. Raised $12M, acquired three firms, participated in managing the firm's IPO.

Argonaut Games. General Manager. Videogame and technology development. London. 1996-98. Hired as a “turn-around” manager who transformed a struggling 100 person family firm into a growth-oriented profitable company that successfully went public. Raised $6M in capital. Executive produced Croc, a Playstation game that went platinum. The 3DO Company. Developer Relations & Marketing Director. Videogame platform innovator. California & London. 1992-95.

SGI. California. 1988-92. Product Marketing & Developer Relations. Pioneering workstations for engineering analysis and 3D graphics.
MID Consulting. Paris. 1986-88. Corporate strategy, acquisitions, and diversifications.
Price Waterhouse. DC. 1982-84. Business Consulting.
US Peace Corps. Cameroon. 1980-82.


Board Member, WireSpring Technologies
Board Member, The Cooperative Feeding Program of Broward

Yale College. BA. 1980, cum laude.
Harvard Business School. MBA. 1986.

avid but aging soccer player. sometimes runner. currently in the martial arts (red belt). Father of two.

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