Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Can a SPF policy solve my Bellsouth-Aweber email block?

Problem - I send my email newsletter from a third party that I've always found to be very dependable: Aweber. But, they say that they are being blocked by Bellsouth which has led them to respond to email sign-ups on my sign-up page with a pop-up page saying: "An Error has Occurred". For details on the aweber bellsouth feud.

I have recently discovered what a SPF email policy is.

Questions -

1. Is it possible to publish a SPF policy which allows Aweber to send out Time4Learning emails?
The answer to this is yes, I just need to figure out how to do it.

2. Will Bellsouth respect this SPF policy and let the Time4Learning emails thru?
I have called Bellsouth's Abuse dept (1 404-499-5224) and left them a message. I have heard that it is not their abuse dept but their postmaster dept that would make this decision. I will wait for the Bellsouth abuse people to call back (like they did last time) before also trying to contact their postmaster group.

3. Will Aweber, knowing that Time4Learning has published such a SPF policy and that Bellsouth will respect it, remove their block on people entering Bellsouth emails into my sign-up system. I don't know but I would expect them to. I can't see why they wouldn't.

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