Saturday, December 30, 2006

End of year musings and spendings

As 2006 winds down, I have much to be grateful for. Besides all the personal stuff (ten toes, fingers, kids and friends and all with same), Time4Learning has been alot of fun this year.

We grew alot. We built a staff who seem very happy and full of potential. And I like the independence of a web-based business.

Strategically, I'm in a good spot. The growth in broadband internet this year was enormous. the growth in homeschooling was enormous. And I benefit from both trends. When I consider the enormity of this trends and my place at the intersection, I start to worry that my growth is too small. In fact, by mid December, I became convinced of this and that the fault, dear brutus, lay not in my stars, but in myself, as we are underlings...In short, I decided that I had been too cheap. As a small struggling business, I have a hard time spending money in risky ways. This was wise when I started and was getting my feet wet. But now, I know a fair amount about what I'm doing and it's time to invest more aggressively.

So I spent more on marketing in the last two weeks that I had in the previous two years combined. I'm also going to try to get five pages/week up on the site! I'd like to find a writer but since I'm such a finicky editor and it's so easy for me to pull together pages, it might just be best to punch it thru. For instance, I just got up a page on homeschool umbrella schools that I've been diddling with for most of the year. (Granted, it's pretty messed up right now but soon, I'll fix it)

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