Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Bellsouth says "Not Blocking" Aweber

Bellsouth's abuse dept (Lee F) called me back within an hour of me leaving a message. Great guys. They said:

1. They are NOT blocking aweber. They aren't black listed on anything. Bellsouth accepts Aweber's email when they follows policy for the transmission and Aweber isn't following the acceptable use policy. It's not a question of volume, it's a question of following the protocol.

2. To get the specifics on what policies Aweber is not following, you need to communicate with the postmaster dept. The postmaster dept cannot be called but they do read their email.

3. Setting my own SPF policy will not necessarily help (although its a good thing) since aweber is not following the protocols.

My plan - try one more time to get a discussion going between Aweber and bellsouth. If not, switch in january. But its frustrating since it's such a pain to switch and generally, aweber has been great.

Can a SPF policy solve my Bellsouth-Aweber email block?
Aweber bellsouth email block

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