Friday, February 08, 2008

Deciding on Social Media

I have not yet made strategic decisions on which blog roll groups and other social media to work with.

Technorati seems to be the big boy on the block.
Digg it too.

A few that I'm looking at since bloggers that I'm working with like:

MyBlogLog (and this post includes it's validation code) Undergoing MyBlogLog Verification

And I use Feedburner although it's a different animal (provides feeds and analytics, no community or rating)


In filling out the paperwork, I've also written an updated About me:

I have an online kids education business so I needed to learn to spell S-E-0 as well as understand a landing page, analytics, and what is Web 2.0. I find that it's not a chore or a bore. Oline marketing is fun and not that complicated. I'd say it could be mastered by an average level 7th grader. Come learn with me.

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