Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Human Nature Seen from blogging

I'm taking a writing course focused on blogging. I just did a round of the 8 students in the class and it's really interesting. The class is pretty much a random sampling of some group of Americans (actually, it's all women except for me). Five of them deal with body issues (if you include sports, size, and fertility as one category). They all deal with family in one way or another. And they are all extraordinarily well-written and interesting. Here's how the blogs breakdown.

Athletic Themed -
Black Belt Mama
BlackBelt at 50 -
Family in Shape

Family Issues
Everyday BBW - including size & dating
The Daily Grind - A caffeinated SAHM who homeschools
She-Parent - She'll give you something to cry about
Topsy-Techie - Family homeschooling with a technical bent
The Renovators -includes house renovation & fertililty issues


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