Thursday, February 07, 2008

SEO Blogs & Info

I'm trying to upgrade my reading. I've spent too much time with the nonsense on a bunch of forums that I've been reading. I'm trying to spend more quality time on my SEO reading. Here's my new batch:

1. Matt Cutts Blog. Google controls all and knows all, Matt shows that they are they are a benign force for good. What a great face for google. And I bet he tells our story inside pretty well too.

2. SEOmoz blog. One of the best. Not the most fun. Some interesting riffs. No research. sigh.

3. Funny British SEO lasses. Its weird how much more fun it is to read when they have a little attitude and great looks. Plus, I love the accents.

4. I'm following the marketing experiments webinars and emails (actually, Kris is). Very educationally done. I heard them talk a few years ago and it was a formative experience for me.

Thats maybe enough for this year....

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