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News: Time4Learning extends online learning service to Middle School students.

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Title - Time4Learning launches Middle School online learning service

Time4Learning now offers online learning for Middle School students for homeschool, enrichment tutoring, remedial, or special needs. Time4Learning, the fast-growing online learning service for preschool and elementary school, now provides online education for students in preschool, elementary school, and middle school.

Time4Learning was launched in 2004 with preschool and early elementary programs for math and reading. The online learning is used for homeschool education, supplementary, remedial, and special needs. Based on feedback from parents, Time4Learning has now added a full middle school and 4th and 5th grades to its offering. The online service provides a complete math curriculum and language arts curriculum with science and social studies provided as a bonus.

The middle school language arts program teaches advanced reading comprehension, literary analysis, critical thinking, vocabularly, grammar and punctuation, and writing skills. These are the skills which are so important to success in skill including doing well on the increasingly important NCLB tests. The math program covers number sense (fractions, real and imaginary numbers etc), prealgebra, algebra, geometry, data analysis, probability, word problems, estimation, and measurement.

Time4Learning features self-paced learning which combines animated lessons, interactive multimedia exercises, printable worksheets, and tests in one integrated systems. Time4Learning includes reports for parents and provides a fun entertaining learning environment. Around half of our families are homeschooling. Around a third of our families have children with special education needs. For instance, many parents with special needs children are finding that the children do better in homeschool.

Time4Learning initially focused on the preschool and elementary school area but were quickly pressured by parents to provide additional grades. Parents requested a middle school learning program for several reasons. Some were kids who liked the system and were moving up. More often, it was families with multiple children where the other children grew jealous of Time4Learning.

In the program for younger children, the children first do their lessons, then get to go the Online Playground. The lesson time and play time are managed by Time4Learning. Time4Learning, like AOL with its parental controls, is helping parents find ways of managing the children's computer time .

[], used for homeschool education [}] and as a supplement to traditional education, is a new approach that takes advantage of today's technology through learn to read programs and kids math games. Time4Learning is a HomeSchool dot com top choice. A recent review in The Old School Magazine said: "My son absolutely loved the site". Time4Learning is popular with gifted, special needs, homeschool, or children who just want academic enrichment. Tour Time4Learning's educational teaching games now. Time4Learning provides language arts, math, science and social for preschool learning, elementary school, and middle school.

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