Friday, January 06, 2006


Who thinks that google would produce similiar results for these searches? Timeforlearning vs time for learning vs time-for-learning ? The answer is .....

Time For Learning - My main domain and the proper name - - shows up 4th
TimeForLearning - - A domain that I recently acquired - shows up first (which redirects to Time4Learning).
Time-For-Learning - I don't even show up. How best to make sure that these searches, which are surely for me, find me. Any ideas?

Its also interesting to note that increasing number of PPC ads that show up against these searches. When I start time4learning, nobody used this expression and there were no searches. Now there are a regular number of searches for:

Time 4 Learning
time for learning
time four learning

Now, "about", amazon, ebay, seem to have algorithms that have detected that there is traffic or searches or whatever and are placing PPC ads next to those searches.

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