Wednesday, January 04, 2006

SEO and Typos

Curriculua? Curriculm? - Fumbling your way to success? Or should I say fumbeling?

Do you know how to spell Kindergarten? According to the overture tool, the people typing in kindergarten misspelled as kindergarden are only slightly in the minority. And don't think this fact has been lost on the advertisers. It is just as competitive to bid on kindergarden as kindergarten. I know, I have spent alot on both and I can state that while the traffic volume is similiar on each word, the percent that converts to traffic does differ!!!

Go to google and misspell the plural of curriculum as curriculua. Guess who comes in first? Yes, its my site.

Also, if you spell it as curriculm - I'm hoping to place well there too.

I just notice a webring of home educators who all had 5-6 PR rank on google. I wonder what I can do to get accepted in such an elite group? Do you think they'll be impressed by the infact that I sent an email to one today telling her that she "rights well"?

oh vei - Ed Mouse - teach me something please -

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