Friday, January 06, 2006

SEO Plan - Some Help

I found a blog called new millenium minds which complements this one nicely. I wrote the author bob the following:

I think we are working and asking the same questions. Take a look at my blog. Perhaps we can cooperate and trade stories, links, contacts etc. BTW - some of the best stuff that I've learned I have not posted.

My main focus is an online homeschool and supplementary education service. While doing the marketing for this online service, i have started keeping a blog (this one) of my marketing questions and experiences.

My blog of online marketing questions is:
Next week I'm going to try to upgrade the blog so the table of contents appears at the top.
Plus, I think i'll put in a list of my:

Unanswered Questions - of which there are many
Simple SEO "How Tos" - such as Search - How to do well - On Page Issues - Google
But, being practically-illiterate in html , i will need some help even for this....

In fact, now that I've written this little paragraph - I think I'll put it in the blog

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sassygirl said...

that was definitley worth sharing.i myself just started a blog on SEO too...guess i'd be watching your blog form now on for updates;)