Saturday, January 21, 2006

Time4Learning - the brand

Inspired by Jennifer's blog entry on writing a Brand Manifesto, I thought I would revisit my basic branding questions. As background, two years ago, I gave myself (and a part-time designer) 2 weeks to answer the question: What will my brand be?

Vision: Market and develop online educational software. Educational software that really teaches, that is really interesting. Not just game software which is fun and teaches some random items but real education that deals with scope, sequence, assessment, learning styles and takes responsibility for learning.

Also, Time4Learning was initially conceived as a type of "safe internet" for younger children which managed time on the computer and provided a comprehensive approach to online safety and navigation for younger children.

Goal: Create a brand and name that will be the company's name, the service's name, and the name of the character. Build into the marketing the concept of school, fun, computers, and time. Pick names that are not already taken, are protectable, and for which the domains are available. etc

Result: I selected a company and service name of Time4Learning which featured Ed Mouse, the Educational Mouse . He has a clock built into him. He morphs initially from the computer mouse into a fun animated mouse. His transformation is triggered by a school bell. And he is constantly reminding us: "It's Time 4 Learning. And Fun!"

During those two weeks, we came up with the initial character design and storyboard....

Meet Ed Mouse, the Educational Mouse

(Be sure to have your speakers on!)

Self-evaluation: A-. It would have been better if the character's and company's name were the same. I had a few concepts (eg "Learning Ligers") but found that the Time4Learning and EdMouse names worked best. The Mouse has turned out to be very popular and my acquisition of and solved the name confusion problems.

by john edelson

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BBat50 said...

WOW. I immediately got an email question. The answer is: Time4Learning is meant to be enthusiam and fun about learning. Not drudgery but a playful inquisitive approach to education in which learning is a fun experience and is adapted to todays learners.