Monday, January 01, 2007

Love the Net - Heres How To....

Happy New Year.

I admit, I'm having a little love affair with google, SEO, and the net in general. I mean really, how cool is this amazing network! And I've always liked puzzles and working. SEO & Google together present an opportunity for one of the great ongoing puzzles of all time and I get to earn my living while playing! Frankly, I'm in love with it and I'm very grateful. And to help out the others, here's a simple how to which explains the steps in the creation of a new page.

Lets track the intro of a new page.

  1. I did a little keyword research (see the article on free seo tools to figure out how) and figured out that I had overlooked the word homeschooling.
  2. On December 31, I woke early in the morning and created a new page on my site about homeschooling. I optimized it for an array of keywords. For a howto optimize-the-on-page issues.
  3. I put articles in a few of my blogs (see blogging for seo) which had references to homeschooling and a link to the new page on homeschooling.
  4. Today (at 12:30), I picked an obscure line of text and put it into google in quotes and found that the page had been spidered by google. Google said: This is G o o g l e's cache of as retrieved on Dec 31, 2006 08:50:54 GMT.
  5. I looked at the position of this new page in the search engines with the incredibly cool SEO tool by Jim (one of the great free seo tools that I have found) and found that so far, my homeschooling page does not yet rate. And my site is only 59th on google for homeschooling. The page that rates focuses on homeschool curriculum and shows that google has not yet updated its cache with the new version of this page which is moree tightly focused on homeschool and homeschool curriculum. BTW - this illustrates one of the weaknesses of google - the lack of semantic understanding - and google's need to evolve.
  6. It's now Jan 6th and so far, the homeschooling page has not done much other than be spidered. However, my standard "homeschool" page has moved from 65th for this term to 41st. I attribute this to some increased advertising that I did in December. Essentially, I devoted December to buying my paid advertising for 2007. January is focused on increasing the conversion rate by a number of planned changes including adding the BBBOnline member logo to my payment page.
  7. ( Stay tuned as track the progress of my site with the "homeschooling" term, hopefully to the top of the search engines.....

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