Friday, January 05, 2007

BBBonline from the BBB

The BBBOnline - Better Business Bureau Online Seal of Approval - is it worth getting or not? I have asked around for other people's experiences about the BBBB & putting the BBBOnline logo on their site and nobody seemed willing to share their experiences or thoughts.

Actually, everybody said: "See if it works for you".

So, I am. But I first had to get accepted (andy pay for) my local better business bureau (South Florida) where a nice lady (but with no access to a computer) helped me fill in the paperwork, As it turns out, I had my business properly registered with the Feds (Income Tax, Social Security, workman's comp & other employer stuff), State (State license, DBA Ficticious name, sales use tax, employees hired), and Broward County (occupational license) but I had not registered (or paid) the City of Ft Lauderdale. (Its now done).

Once the Florida BBB accepted me, I got alot of stickers for windows and other stuff that I'll never use and I got a chance to apply for the BBBOnline Logo. Which went surprisingly quickly. They processed me including giving me a hotlinked logo in about two days.

On Jan 4th, Thursday, we put up the a BBBonline logo on our shopping cart page. Heres the question that I'm going to track: Does the BBBOnline logo improve performance. Specifically, will my shopping cart abandon rate drop from the current 65% to something better.

Stay tuned... Or, if you have data or thoughts on this topic, please share them with me.


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