Monday, January 08, 2007

Homeschooling - Status of this keyphrase

It's now been a week since I created the "homeschooling"page and while it's been spidered by friend google, it does not seem to rate.

So far, Time4Learning's best position on "homeschooling curriculum" is not the newly-created page that has so many onpage "Homeschooling" references, it is the long-standing "homeschool curriculum" page which has few onpage mentions of homeschooling. I'm surprised. So I postulate that:

1. Google's sense of meaning is getting better. They now recognize "homeschooling" as nearly identical to "homeschool" and/or

2. The incoming direct links to "homeschool curriculum" means that it's very hard for a new page, even on the same site but with very few incoming links, to compete.

To further test it, I've added today a few mentions on "homeschool curriculum" to "homeschooling" and we'll see if it jumps.

Status today - jan 6th:
homeschool curriculum - 5th
homeschooling curriculum - 15th

News Flash - Update Jan 12th
The updated version of "homeschool-curriculum.htm" with the page title: "homeschool curriculum - homeschooling curriculum" appears in google: "as retrieved Jan 12, 2007 00:31:03". However, the page's position has not changed since Jan 10th when (see the For Time4Learning, it's Time2Celebrate post) when the page hit 3rd for homeschool curriculum and 13th for homeschooling curriculum. I'm hoping this page will jump to maybe 5th-6th in the next few days which will confirm to me the importance of the page title.

Last Update - Jan 20, 2007 - Today the new text in the page name of homeschool-curriculum.htm finally appeared in google as well as the new content in the cache. The new homeschooling page however, while spidered on the 12th, does not rate anywhere visible (top 89) of google. Homeschool-curriculum.htm is 11th for homeschooling curriculum (homeschool-math is 24th). On my key term and phrase, I seem to have settled for this past week at 5th on homeschool curriculum.

New strategy: do not create new pages that are only slightly different like homeschooling-curriculm.shtml and Christianhomeschool: instead try to get a few more phrases onto my key pages...

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