Friday, January 05, 2007

Gifted choices

I have my gifted page up for awhile. Here's it's status by keyphrase

gifted student - 10th
gifted students - 13th
gifted child - not in top 100
gifted - 35
gifted children - 49
gifted education - not in top 100

Now, it looks like gifted child is hopeless but that I'm in OK for gifted student, gifted students, gifted, gifted children, and gifted kid. But the page is primarily focused on gifted child

3797 gifted child - not in top 100
3690 gifted - 35th
2173 gifted hands
1964 1,000 everyone gift gifted idea in life
1901 drama of the gifted child
1379 gifted and talented
1138 the drama of the gifted child the search for the true self
1096 gifted education - 49th
879 gifted student - 10th (students 13th)
696 to be young gifted and black
696 characteristic of gifted child
610 gifted adult
443 gifted and talented education
387 extremely gifted
349 gifted hands the ben carson story
346 boss de employee gifted great hire hire only success their way
339 gifted program- not in top 100
331 gifted kid - 8th

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