Wednesday, January 10, 2007

SEO Success!!!! It's Time2Celebrate

For Time4Learning, it's Time2Celebrate.

We have achieved (for tonight at least), our holy grail.

Time4Learning is third for homeschool curriculum. Yes Third!
"Homeschool curriculum" is a major term and a perfect match for us.
We are also third for "homeschool online", another perfect match albeit a smaller less competitive term.

Those that want to find us, can find us. Yea Yea Yea.

On our most recent experiment, adding "homeschooling curriculum" to the ~"homeschool-curriculum.htm" page..... no news yet. We're still 13th for it but it has not been indexed by google since we added homeschooling to the page earlier this week. Stay tuned......

Update. On Jan 12th, two days later, google's cache of this page shows the new version of the title with the term "homeschooling". But, the ranking for "homeschooling curriculum" has not moved up from 13th and when you search for homeschooling curriculum, the ranking still shows the old page title (which is before we put in the term homeschooling)

BTW- people seem to love our other site on kids learning games.

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