Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New terms - big game hunting

Time4Learning launched itself with PPC. I learned keyword strategy and concepts thru Adwords. After almost 2 years, i weaned myself thru some advertising and some seo success.

My initial seo success was all minor terms. Some very minor terms. But lots of them. And relevant ones. Then I worked my way up on terms like homeschool online and homeschool curriculum.

Ready for big game hunting (note the linked target pages)

learning games - 59th with my home page, just created a page to compete
educational games - not in top 100 despite the existing page (needs tuning)
homeschooling - 67th using the homeschool-curriculum.htm page
homeschooling curriculum - 14th using the homeschool-curriculum.htm page

I use my siteindex as the general way of getting these pages listed. I believe there are other submission strategies that I should use.

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